Is there substance?

Are you producing music that takes the listener on a (short) journey then delivers them to a solution? Perhaps a problem needs solved. You want to paint visual images with your lyrics and music. You are becoming a visual artist when you write songs that can truly touch one’s senses.

Study this paragraph from script one of the Merzan, The Destiny of an Artist trilogy:

Merzan once fantasized about have a grand opening to show his work. When the trumpets sounded and the covers over his photographic canvases were unveiled, they were empty, without an images at all and in less than a moment, in unison, all the easels collapsed to the ground.

It is not difficult to follow along with what is going on. A clear picture is painted for the reader. Your songs and music would do well to paint clear pictures for the listener. Touching someone is what it is all about. Learn to write with enough substance to, “Give em’ some skin!”